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Atlas Resource sees resources and opportunities in waste – we deliver and cater tailored solutions based on your personalized needs, and our services revolves around your schedule. Through our experienced personnel and cost-efficient processes and workflow, these services are delivered and run for the betterment of the quality of life for people; residents and business owners alike all over Malaysia.


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Solid Waste Disposal – Industrial, Commercial, Construction & Demolition Waste
We are equipped with vehicles for all purpose waste management – our clients rely on us for our timely and clean carry-away service:
  • Contractors and builders rely on our tried and tested methods through every phase of their projects;
  • We haul just about any traditional household and residential waste for gated communities through our scheduled curbside collection service;
  • We partner with SMEs / MNCs in their CRM projects to run recycling programs to lower waste disposal costs and environmental footprint.
  • We also cater to food waste, and any other solid industrial and institutional disposals.
Water/ Desludge Tanker Service
We offer a range of discretionary de-sludging services of water and septic to owners of commercial premises ( and industrial premises) as well as individual properties and communities with septic tanks, domestic treatment plants and cesspools. The fruit of this service is a worriless, odorless and pain-free way of getting rid of any contamination, heavy materials, mess from rainwater and overflowing of these pools and tanks.
Corporate Service Responsibility Program
Running recycling programs to lower waste disposal costs & environmental footprint as part of corporate service responsibility program with commercial & corporate clients.
Customs/ Legal Disposal – including Trademark/ Patents
We provide various means of destruction of any customs, legal and trademark/patent related materials. We provide documentation and record of service as proof of regulatory compliance confirming necessary steps were taken to securely dispose highly confidential information or materials.
Highly Confidential Trademark/ Product/ Document Destruction
All businesses have occasions where data need to discarded. We have aided and facilitated the disposal of customer lists, price lists, sales statistics, drafts of bids, correspondences, excess products and even memos containing information about business activity which would interest any competitor. All our staff are screened prior to the service to avoid any conflict of interest and protect your intellectual property, privacy and edge in any field of business you operate in.
A member of AECCOM (Association of Environmental Consultants and Companies of Malaysia) since 2008

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