“ Our work gives us great satisfaction and we make it our priority that our clients’ needs are taken of ”


Over the years we have grown with our clients

We have proven time and time again to our clients that we are more than just providers of waste management solutions; we provide complete environmental waste management services and advice and are quick on our feet in taking care of their needs. With our experience, knowledge and wide network of contacts, we have the ability to develop holistic and specific environmental-friendly waste management services to cater to the commercial and/or security needs of our clients. We are proud to have won from them not merely praise, but also our most coveted prize, trust.


Resource Recovery and Recycling

As one of the leading ethical practitioners of environmental waste management solutions and in line with our principle and vision for a greener Earth, we don’t just tow and throw. Our facilities and manpower are purposed for the process of refinement and sifting of waste in order to retrieve and salvage recyclable and reusable materials.


Keeping abreast to the latest requirement and practices

Having our ears on the ground and our involvement in the drafting of guidelines and legal requirements on waste management and environmental improvement industry, we offer our clients the latest news, requirements, technology advancements, methods, outlooks and trends. We also advise our customers on these impact of these information can affect and benefit their businesses.

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