20 years of environmental waste management solutions

has put Atlas Resource on the forefront of the industry in Malaysia, making us one of the leading comprehensive, integrated environmental waste management services provider. We work together with our customers and partners in various areas and industries. We counsel and manage the reduction of waste; from collection to disposal, treatment and recovery of valuable resources. Our priority is to minimise adverse effects to the environment. We also provide consultancy services to our customers on the creation of clean and renewable energy that is sustainable, efficient and green.

In testimony of our leadership in ethical practices

for waste reduction, resource recovery and sourcing of renewable energy, we have been nominated as a representative by AECCOM (the Association of Environmental Consultants and Companies of Malaysia) as a forum member to provide feedback on the conforming guidelines, standards, and prevailing laws applicable to the waste management and environmental services sector with the Standards Management Department of SIRIM BERHAD and MOSTI (Department of Standards). It is a huge honor and embodiment of Atlas Resource‚Äôs thought leadership and reputation in the industry. Who better to partner, advice and service your waste management needs but the company leading the way and future?

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